10398 - 20170108 - Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen exhibits Chinese fashion talent of the future - Rotterdam - 01.10.2016-08.01.2017

.ZAZ, Photosynthesis, 2016, photo: Rogier Vlaming from Glamcult Studio.
From 1 October five young Chinese fashion designers show new work in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen at Three Eyes – Five Chinese Designers .

Last year five young Chinese designers were commissioned by the Han Nefkens Foundation to make new work as part of Th e Future of Fashion is Now . This international travelling exhibition full of fresh designs at the interface of fashion and design was recently staged in China. In 2014 The Future of Fashion is Now in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen attracted no fewer than 83.000 visitors.

Young Talent At the end of last year, three well-known Chinese designers compiled a list of current talented Chinese fashion designers. Initiator Han Nefkens, guest curator José Teunissen (winner of the 2016 Profile Prize) and Mr Feng Feng, artistic director of the OCT Art and Design Gallery in Shenzen, selected the designers who would be making the new work from a shortlist.

A Designer has Three Eyes The five designers chosen – Dido Liu, Fang Ye, Fixxed Studios, Percy Lau, ZAZ – represent a new generation, which takes a critical look at the current fashion system. These makers are linked by the belief that tradition and future must go hand in hand. Chinese culture has it that a designer needs three eyes: two to look to the future and one to look back and reflect on five thousand years of Chinese culture.

Platform Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Han Nefkens Fashion on the Edge offer a platform for innovative fashion designers with this initiative. The Future of Fashion is Now is a way of bringing young designers and artists in contact with one another. The compilers strive to redefine what fashion actually means and give today’s top talent an opportunity to show their work to a wide public.